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Icarus documentary

Doping Scandal at The Bookshelf

Its not all about coffee here at The Bookshelf and recently we have been obsessed with the revelations in the incredible Netflix Documentary, Icarus.

Brian Fogel directs this jaw dropping documentary about the prevalence of doping in sport. The initial premise of the documentary was for Brian to undergo an extensive doping program and record the effects it had on his participation on the Haute Route, a grueling amateur cycle race. This, however, soon became a secondary priority half way through as he develops a close relationship with the head of the Russian anti doping agency who literally spills all the secrets of the state sponsored doping program live on camera. It’s a must watch!

Icarus documentary

Following up on Icarus, Brian Fogel was interviewed on Joe Rogan’s podcast show, The Joe Rogan Experience.

In this 2.5hr interview Brian delves in even more detail into the documentary and the dark and dangerous consequences of blowing the lid on Russia’s state sponsored doping program.

Watch the documentary first though and then allow this podcast to blow your mind even further!

Another great podcast we came across this month comes from the team at This American life. A few months back they produced a really interesting look at how Testosterone affects the human body and mind.

They look at testosterone effects from the point of view of a transgender man who, a few years back, as a woman, artificially boosts her bodies testosterone and the physical and mental effects this has, to a man who’s body has stopped producing testosterone altogether and how this affects him in his day to day life. Very interesting stuff.
These podcasts are available on all your usual podcast apps. Enjoy!

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