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The Best Student Nightclubs in Cork

Student life. The chance for you to better yourself. Spend your days and nights in the library researching your chosen subject and devouring books. An opportunity to have intellectual late night discussions with fellow scholars. Gain an in-depth and well-rounded education. Right? Yeah well when you’re done daydreaming, take a few minutes to educate yourself on […]

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5 Reasons you Should Cycle More When Over 40

Turning 40 can be an age where the knocks and bangs of football, rugby or soccer can begin to take its tole. So how do you stay fit and healthy without damaging the bones and joints? – Cycling. Life begins at 40; so they say and there is absolutely no reason why you can’t remain, if […]

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5 Things To Do In Ireland

A few tourists recently told me that were exploring all of Ireland and what I though they should do. It kind of took me a second to think of a few things. They then asked, “well if you could only do 5 things, what would they be?”. Afterwards I was pondering and I thought I would […]

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9 Places You Should See on Your First Visit to Ireland

Is there more to Ireland than Guinness?From stunning natural land and water formations to man-made and historical attractions Ireland has a friendly and laid-back people and culture which attracts millions ot tourists each year.If you’re planning to visit our green and clean country here are 9 random places you could check out on your first […]

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Five of the Best Places to Cycle in Cork

Is Cork a bicycle-friendly city? Watch the video and find out for yourself  ​ The short documentary (only 14 minutes more or less – watch the video here) covered pretty much the public opinion on cycling as a commuting alternative in Cork City as well as its advantages and disadvantages. And with the video clip, we can totally tell […]

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Five Best Routes to Cycle in Cork

One of the best reasons why you have to cycle in Cork (or in the entire Ireland in general) is that the routes have some of the most wonderful views Mother Nature can provide. Cork is a very blessed place when it comes to both natural water and land formations, making cycling not just an […]

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